Students: Sexton High mold issues troubling

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – For more than seven decades thousands of students have walked the halls of Lansing’s Sexton High School.

And in that time the school has helped many of its students prepare for their futures by providing a healthy learning environment.

But recently several students say that’s not the case anymore.

Students at Sexton High School recently sent us pictures from inside the school.

They show what appears to be mold growing on the walls and the ceilings.

School officials, however, claim there isn’t a problem.

The halls of Sexton are filled with students every week.

But some students tell 6 News those halls are also filled with mold.

Some pictures show the ceiling peeling off with brown mold underneath.

And others show almost black specks splattered on the ceiling tiles.

The grandmother of one student is shocked by the conditions. “When he showed me all those pictures, it’s like whoah. I can’t believe the school system does not do anything about that,” said Teresa Cooley.

School officials acknowledge that there is some work to be done inside but say mold is not a problem.

Today they told 6 News:

“The Lansing School District just completed a tour of Sexton. To the best of our knowledge, our staff reports there is no mold on first through fourth floors that are used by students and staff. Painting and some repair work is scheduled to begin at Sexton this weekend.”

6 News took the student-submitted pictures to an expert.

Patrick Mannor removes mold and after showing him the pictures of the school he says he sees stuff like this all the time. “It should be tested, it should be tested,” said Mannor, owner of Environmental Affairs. “And anytime you see mold manifest like that it should be sampled, tested, and at least determined whether it could be dangerous.”

Mannor says there are no regulations for mold in the state of Michigan, meaning there is no law that requires the school to remove it.

However, he says that doesn’t mean students can’t get sick. “This is, where it’s dark like that, that’s always a concern.”

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website the most common health problems related to mold mirror allergies.

After initially telling 6 News there was no mold, late this afternoon school officials acknowledged they have had complaints about mold problems in the past, but they don’t have the resources at this time to tell us when it was last checked.

In light of the conflicting reports about the presense of mold in the high school 6 News asked to take our own cameras in today to see for ourselves.

That request was not granted.

We, of course, will continue to follow this story and be here for you with more details as we learn them.

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