Skubick: Here’s why a rigged election is unlikely in Michigan

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – There is chatter on the presidential campaign trail that the election may be rigged.

But when 6 News looked into the possibility the state elections director assured voters Michigan is a secure state.

Donald Trump is warning his supporters that the election may be rigged.

How worried is Christopher Thomas? “Not at all.”

Mr. Thomas reports that there is no way to hack the election because none of the computers at the state, county and local level are connected to the Internet.

Thomas adds “and there is no connectivity between the tabulators that the voters put their ballots in and any computer in the state.”

When asked to clarify that no one can hack the state computer to fix the results, Thomas answered “that’s correct.”

To tilt the election results it would have to be an inside job but Mr. Thomas asserts, the culprit would be caught. “This election is not official for at least 20 days after the election,” said Thomas. “The counties do a precinct by precinct audit, if you will, after the election in the two weeks following the election so any monkeying around would be caught at that time.”

Mr. Trump is urging his backers to monitor who is voting.

Democrat Sen. Bert Johnson is concerned about possible chaos at the polls from Trump backers, especially in urban areas
“Well, you harass people and tell them they have to have an ID or if they don’t have it they have to get out of line and go home which is likely to result in some walking off and not coming back,” insists Sen. Johnson. “And then there are tactics like telling people the polls are closed early and saying they are voting at the wrong precinct.”

Trump supporter Sen. Patrick Colbeck complains it’s the Democrats with a record of causing chaos.

Sen. Colbeck was asked if he thought Trump people want to disrupt the election in urban areas. “There is a lot of evidence to the contrary,” answered Sen. Colbeck. “I’ve seen evidence of folks on the Democratic side going into Trump rallies and trying to create trouble.”

The elections director contends if there is trouble the police will be called.

“We bring the police in,” insists Thomas. “We bring them in right away to restore order if someone is being disruptive.”

Mr. Thomas says he is not concerned about peace at the polls even though this has been one of the most contentious elections in years.

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