Skubick: Email trail could take center stage in next Presidential debate

(AP file)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The Clinton and Trump campaigns are engaged in a back and forth over the leak of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.

The Trump side wants to talk about it, and the Clinton side does not.

The issue of those leaked emails from the Clinton campaign came up in the second debate, but the Trump team is not giving up on the issue and blaming the news media for not covering the “avalanche” of charges allegedly found in the email dump.

“Frankly people see an overwhelming bias in the national media,” insists Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. “A willful ignorance about an avalanche of hard evidence about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and her years as Secretary of State and end up putting above the fold and leading the news with these unconfirmed, unsubstantiated allegations.”

He says there is an avalanche of evidence in the emails and the media won’t cover it.

The Clinton campaign does not want to talk about the content but wants to talk about this.

“People should have a shiver go up their spin about the idea of a foreign government trying to commit a cyber crime against America trying to influence the outcome of the election” warns Stephen Neuman of the Michigan Clinton campaign.

Mr. Neuman asserts that none of the emails have been authenticated, but there is a possible way to do that. “I’m not in a position to say if they are accurate or not but Secretary Clinton has spoken out.”

Skubick: “Not about this.”
Neuman: “The important thing here is Russia.”
Skubick: “I appreciate you staying on message but why not have her say these emails are not true?”
Neuman: “The important thing here is that the Russians are trying to influence the outcome of an election.”

You can expect to hear more on the emails during the third debate set for Wednesday night.

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