East Lansing School District bans Halloween masks after clown incident

EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Just ten days ago we told you about a local middle-schooler who tried to scare classmates with a clown mask and two butcher knives.

Since then the East Lansing superintendent reached out to all district parents hoping to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

Clowns. One word with a new meaning.

Especially for parents with kids in the East Lansing school district.

Renee Hoffman describes her son’s reaction after the clown incident. “He was afraid when he had to go take his band instrument out of the band room cause it was dark and he said they were afraid something might jump out at them.”

Two weeks ago Renee Hoffman’s 6th grade son came home and told her that a 12-year old student, wearing a clown mask, was chasing kids around at school.

And to make matters worse, East Lansing police found two knives in her backpack.

“I thought it was just probably you know an innocent prank but kind of a stupid prank,” added Hoffman.

In the wake of that incident school officials are taking action.

The superintendent sent a letter to all parents saying “the East Lansing Public Schools administration has been and will continue to work collaboratively with the East Lansing Police Department in making our schools safe.”

It goes on to ask parents to talk to their students about “proper” behavior and announced a ban on all Halloween masks and any face paint that “obscures” a students face during this Halloween season.

But Hoffman says, according to her son, that may not be an issue anyway. “They’re all afraid of clowns.”

And as for the student who brought this issue directly into the East Lansing school district?

The school isn’t commenting on her current “status” but due to her “clowning around” she could also face criminal charges along with any consequences from school.

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