BWL: Tree trimming to begin in East Lansing neighborhoods in November

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – If you live in East Lansing, the sound of trees getting trimmed may soon fill your neighborhood, as officials at the Lansing Board of Water and Light is set to begin its “Tree-Trimming” program the first week of November.

Tree trimming in East Lansing neighborhoods hasn’t always been welcomed by its residents and officials at BWL hosted a safety information open house in East Lansing to give homeowners more information on why it’s being done and how they can help.

“There was some controversy, some resistance following the ice storm, so we decided to stop at that point,” BWL Spokesperson Steve Serkaian said. “But now it’s time. It’s time to begin trimming trees in a fair responsible way that’s sensitive to our homeowners, but also validates our duty.”

The utility company said it also plans to upgrade some of its power lines.

“We have a project now that is converting a lower voltage system to a higher voltage system; A system that is safer, that is more reliable,” Serkaian said.

“Knowing that they’re upgrading the electrical system is good news,” East Lansing resident, Melissa Derosia said.

Derosia said she came out Monday night to get details on when the trimming will start and how officials will choose which trees get trimmed.

If you remember back to the July 8th wind storm that blew through Mid-Michigan, East Lansing got hit pretty hard, causing significant damage throughout many neighborhoods, including Derosia’s.

“The tree damage ripped the electrical mast off the house and I had several Board of Water and Light workers in my yard on and off for several days and I’d like to prevent something like that if there’s anything I can do to prevent something like that in the future.”

“BWL officials have already started to plan the work that needs to be done in the Chesterfield Hills Neighborhood.

A mile and a half west of there is the Bailey neighborhood. BWL officials expect to start the planning process for this neighborhood, later this month.”

BWL’s Tree Trimming program is designed to reduce power outages and prevent dangerous situations for line crews and the public. If trees need to be trimmed, they’ll be marked with a blue dot. If it needs to be cut, it’ll be marked with two blue dots.

Once the customer has acknowledged the tree removal, the tree will be painted with a blue “X.”

BWL officials said it’s all part of the utility company’s commitment to provide safe and reliable power to all customers.

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