Skubick: Trump down on Michigan economic comeback

(Evan Vucci/AP)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to be out of step with 46 percent of Michigan voters on the state of Michigan’s economy.

But 44 percent of those people polled agree with Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump has been to the state five times and not once has he talked about Michigan’s economic comeback.

In fact, he has said just the opposite, much to the chagrin of Governor Rick Snyder.

“Michigan’s the comeback state, we’re number one in adding manufacturing jobs in the last five years and it’s because of great automotive industry companies and many other industries, it’s been very broad based<" insists Gov. Snyder.

So is Mr. Trump wrong? "Well, again, I want to make sure people get the facts and the facts are Michigan’s a manufacturing success over the last few years," Snyder answered.

Michigan voters are divided.

On the right track, wrong track issue it's 46 percent right track and 44 percent wrong track.

64 percent believe the economy will improve and only 16 percent think it will not.

The most optimistic group are those earning more than $100,000. 61 percent think the economy will improve while 47 percent of those making under $25,000 disagree.

If you think there is a tax revolt out there, think again.

When asked to rate the top issues, only 3 percent said taxes were their top priority.

The two major candidates for president talk a lot about the economy and 23 percent in Michigan rank that number one.

Ms. Clinton has pressed the issue of wage differences between rich and poor and 10 percent rank that number one.

And 10 percent in Michigan agree with Mr. Trump that national security is more important to them.

What are the other concerns of Michigan voters?

  • Crime 4 percent
  • National Debt 5 percent
  • Race Relations 5 percent
  • Immigration 4 percent

Crime, national debt, race relations, and immigration are clearly not top priorities for the vast majority of voters.

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