Jackson continues to see increasing heroin overdose cases

(WLNS) – Jackson Police reported four heroin overdose cases from Monday alone, an increasing epidemic sweeping the city.

As officers deal with the issue, they hope a new law will help combat the problem.

Jackson Police say the four cases all involved men in their twenties, and two of them were found at fast food restaurants.

Jackson Police are investigating into at least on case where the treated overdose patient was able to give officers a description of where he got his supply of the drug.

Police say the last few days prove the major spike in heroin cases is a problem that is only getting worse.

“Obviously with yesterdays events and one on the weekend, we have a concern that we may see those begin going up again,” Jackson Police Deputy Chief Elmer Hitt explained.

There’s a new law on the books that’s offering hope to at least cut down the number of deaths linked to heroin ODs.

Just last week Governor Snyder signed a bill that allows anyone in the state to seek medical help without the fear of being prosecuted for drug use, a law Jeffrey Arnold believes may have saved his friend’s life.

“I was in shock of what caused his death because growing up he was always a clean cut kid,” Arnold said.

Arnold believes the story of his friend’s life could have had a different ending.

“He was able to be saved but his girlfriend did not want to bring him to the hospital out of fear of going to jail herself,” Arnold explained.

Deputy Chief Hitt says overdose cases like this one aren’t uncommon.

“Quite often the person who calls is a heroin addict themselves,” Hitt said.

He says heroin addicts often leave someone else who has overdosed, putting that person in a life threatening situation.

But now, Hitt hopes news of this law helps more people get help before it’s too late.

Jackson Police say they have looked into getting Narcan for officers as well, which can reverse the affects of an overdose, but at this point they don’t carry it.

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