Skubick: Trump backlash impact in Michigan races

courtesy of Mlive

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The second of three presidential debates is in the history books but the fallout from the contentious exchange between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is still coming in.

You sort of knew when they refused to shake hands that it was going to be a bumpy night.

Donald Trump was in attack mode with “it’s just words. She’s done a terrible job.”

Hillary Clinton fired back “he owes the country an apology.”

With the national commentators claiming Mr. Trump’s campaign was hanging by a thread, he needed a strong performance.

Our 6 News pollster Bernie Porn believes Mr. Trump did not say much to attract new voters even though he stopped the bleeding with his conservative backers he already has.

“Absolutely correct. In terms of his performance he caused his supporters to feel a sense of a reason to cheer,” said Porn. “He fired them up the way he persecuted the attack against Hillary Clinton.

Porn said he doubts Mr. Trump picked up any “no” voters.

The fall-out from his lewd comments on the bus with Access Hollywood about women had immediate repercussions in Michigan, despite his apology.

Republican attorney general Bill Schuette denounced Mr. Trump’s comments as did Lt. Governor Brian Calley

But when Democrat Gretchen Whitmer chastised both men for not withdrawing their endorsements of Mr. Trump.

Mr. Calley did un-endorse Trump but Mr. Schuette did not.

The state Democratic party chair is now challenging other Republicans running for the Michigan House to un-endorse Mr. Trump.

Mr. Porn says its a good idea because Trump voters might not vote at all which could hurt those top House candidates.

“Separate yourself and if you are knocking on doors before, you ought to knock on ten times more because beware of the avalanche because its possible a lot of republicans will decided not to participate,” suggests Porn.

Despite the personal attacks, at the end they did shake hands and both sides declared victory.

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