Skubick: Breaking down the numbers; Why Clinton is moving ahead in latest poll

Trump, Clinton battle it out in 2016's new social media landscape. (AP file)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The latest 6 News/EPIC-MRA polling data reveals that Donald Trump is losing some of the support he enjoyed earlier in this election.

Conversely, Hillary Clinton is making inroads into voting blocks where she was having trouble.

Up until now, Mr. Trump enjoyed strong support among white men but his lead has dwindled to three points.

He leads in only one male category, men over 50, but even that is only a three point lead.

Ms. Clinton is holding fast to her gender gap lead of 20 points.

Mid-Michigan voters favor Mr. Trump by three points.

Ms. Clinton has had problems moving Bernie Sanders young voters to her side, but she is gaining there, leading Mr. Trump by 22 points.

In previous polls, Mr. Trump was winning the independent voter but now those numbers are going south.

She has a three point lead with all independent voters but he wins independent men by three points.

Ms. Clinton takes independent women by ten.

Mr. Trump continues to do well with voters who are concerned about losing jobs to Mexico and 45 percent of the voters back him because of their concerns over national security.

Ms. Clinton draws her core support from 71 percent of the voters who list education as their top concern and 60 percent who are concerned about the cost of living.

Pollster Bernie Porn reports that the self-inflected wounds by Mr. Trump have contributed to his falling numbers in the poll.

He sums it up in two sentences: Mr. Trump is in trouble. Ms. Clinton is moving forward.

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