Allies of black lives matter unite to honor lives lost

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Tonight in East Lansing a group that calls itself “Allies of Black Lives Matter” held a peace vigil to remember some lives lost this year.

“Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Keith Lamont Scott…”

These are the names of three men who were shot and killed nationwide by those in uniform.

And today, local residents joined forces, with “black lives matter” signs in hand to spread one message…awareness.

“It’s time for us to stand up and take action, we have to stop police violence, we have to end racism,” said Kenda Pyle Kanaboshi, Co-organizer of the rally.

“We’re branching out, getting more people involved, more voices involved and that’s very important to this process because it is going to take all of us to make some serious change,” Co-leader of Black Lives Matter LaShawn Erby stated.

This rally was more than just a call for peace. In fact, it was unique in its own way.

“It was organized mostly by white people because we feel as though our black and brown colleagues, neighbors, friends, relatives have taken the burden of the whole issue against black people and we felt as though it was time for us to step up and do something,” said Donna Kaplowitz, Co-organizer of the rally.

“It’s pretty simple that white silence equals violence,” Erby stated.

For Tyler Logan, seeing people of all ethnicities take a stance for people of color strikes a heartwarming emotion.

“When we see people who acknowledge black lives, who acknowledge the injustices that black lives are faced with, it gives us that hope back in humanity,” Rally supporter Tyler Logan said.

Even for MSU student Ellie Anderson, her passion for taking a stance on racial injustice started in the classroom and she hopes the message of unity will be delivered loud and clear.

“After being exposed to all the terrible things that our country has done to minorities, I feel like it’s my job as a white privileged person to stand up,” Anderson stated.

“We’re hoping that people will leave this rally and continue to speak up for racial injustice in this country,” Kanaboshi said.

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