CAMPAIGN 2016: Locals get to know the candidates running for Ingham County positions

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It can be a tough task deciding who you’ll vote for on November 8th. Some voters might decide by looking at a candidate’s political party, while others will by looking at a person’s background.

Wednesday night, candidates running for positions in Ingham County and the city of Lansing, attended what’s called candidate’s night.

The goal is to make sure voters are familiar with the names on the ballots, before heading to the polls next month.

We’re less than a month away from the November election. While we continue to follow the race to the White House to find out who our nation’s leader will be, it’s important to also pay attention to elections happening here locally that make an impact on your everyday life.

“I came here because I’m concerned about our election that’s coming up,” Robert Pena said. “I did run for office, didn’t quite make the primary cut, but I do believe government needs to listen to the community and community involvement is a way to make things better.”

Every election cycle, the Eastside Neighborhood Association hosts what’s called Candidates Night.

It allows people in the community to get to know the candidates running in the local elections.

“I’m able to get a feel for what the candidate’s position is to understand where they’re coming from, some of their experiences, how they deal with problems,” Pena said.

Candidates from several Ingham county races came out Wednesday night, including those running for Ingham County Sheriff and prosecutor, as well as local boards and commissions, where they took questions from a moderator and the public on issues most important to those who live and work in the community.

“It’s a great opportunity to come and to meet the candidates and to hear what their positions are,” Dennis Louney said.

Many who came out Wednesday night said exercising your right to vote is important, but getting yourself educated on the issues and the people, who stand for or against them, is even more important.

“You can always look at articles and see what people’s positions are but when you can talk to them one on one and hear their answers in person, it gives you a much better feel and a comfort level of who you’re voting for,” Louney said.

Candidates have less than a month to get their message out to voters before they head to the polls on November 8th.

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