CBS News Poll: Clinton extends lead over Trump

(WLNS) – We’re closing in on one month to the 2016 General Election and a new CBS News poll shows one candidate is stretching a lead.

In a head-to-head match-up Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by six points. When the two third-party candidates are added to the mix Clinton’s lead drops to 4 points, 45 percent to 41 percent.

In an increasingly contentious campaign Clinton is seeing more support than ever from people saying she has the right temperament (59 percent) and 63 percent of the people polled say she is better prepared to be president. Those are the highest numbers she has seen on those points in her entire campaign.

When asked which candidate cares most about the needs and problems of women, 72 percent of voters nationwide select Clinton rather than the 41 percent who chose Trump.

Pollsters asked what impact the first presidential debate had on the views of the candidates. 32 percent said they thought better of Clinton and ten percent thought better of Trump. 16 percent thought worse of Clinton and 36 thought worse of Trump. And 52 percent said there was no effect on their opinion of Clinton and 54 said their opinions of Trump didn’t change.

Tonight marks the first and only debate between the Vice Presidential candidates. You can watch the debate on WLNS-TV 6 beginning at 9:00 p.m.

The CBS News polls finds voters don’t see much difference between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pense regarding effectiveness if they needed to step into the job. 37 percent of the people polled think Kaine has the ability to do the job and 41 percent say Pence is ready. What may be more telling is that a large percentage had no opinion.

What does separate the Vice Presidential candidates from their running mates is that Pence and Kaine are largely unknown nationwide. Overall they do have positive ratings.

Being unknown commodities could change tonight with the debate. Seven in 10 voters say they plan to watch the debate, including 47 percent who say they are very likely to watch. Of those voters who say they are very likely to watch there are more Republicans than Democrats or independents.

The margin of error among Likely Voters in 4 percent and 3 percent among Registered Voters

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