Skubick: Medical marijuana bills become law, “hope it works” says AG Schuette

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The governor has signed the legislation, most of the law enforcement community has endorsed it, but the state’s top law enforcement official refuses to take a stance on the Medical Marijuana laws.

It took eight years but the governor signed legislation this week to regulate the medical marijuana industry.

As it moved through the legislature, the law enforcement community endorsed the proposal.

But the state attorney general has no position on it.

“You know that’s passed and this is the law and I hope it works,” said Mr. Schuette. When asked if his answer was a punt, he replied “no, but it is football season. That’s not a punt.”

The chair of the House Judiciary Committee believes Mr. Schuette doesn’t have to take a position now but if there are problems with the laws, he can check in later on.

“I think once he starts to see how the law is enacted, then the Attorney General’s office will come and give the legislature suggestions,” said Rep. Klint Kesto.

Rep. Tom Cochran adds “I’m really shocked that he wouldn’t take a stance on that.”

Rep. Cochran says its clear that Mr. Schuette is running for governor and there might be a downside to endorsing the laws. “I would say that definitely that would be the political side of it.(laughter)”

And what about a political downside to taking a stance? Mr. Schuette says, “Naw. Who knows? There are risks to everything you do. I don’t sit around worrying about risks, you know.”

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