Skubick: Michigan residents rate Gov. Snyder’s job performance

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Michigan residents are sending some mixed signals on the state of the Michigan but very clear signals on the job Gov. Rick Snyder is doing.

Mid-Michigan voters were asked if the state is on the right or wrong track and 34 percent said right track with 57 percent wrong track.

And that is the feeling all over the state.

It’s 24-65 percent in west Michigan, 37-53 percent in southeast Michigan, Up North along the I-75 corridor 23-68 percent and way up north in the Upper Peninsula 33-65 percent.

But isn’t this interesting?

Despite that pessimism, 50 percent believe the economy will improve, 26 percent say it will stay the same and 19 percent believe it will get worse.

In mid-Michigan 57 percent believe it will get better and 17 percent think it will get worse.

So the economy is a mixed bag.

But the 6 News polling numbers for the governor are clear on both his job performance and his favorability numbers. Suffice it to say the governor is not very popular.

He actually does the best in mid-Michigan 42 percent gave him favorable marks with 43 percent unfavorable.

Around the rest of the state his highest support is in west Michigan with 47 percent favorable and 42 percent unfavorable. It’s the worst Up North with only 25 percent giving him a plus rating.

As for the governor’s job performance the numbers are worse. He doesn’t even come close to a 50 percent approval rating.

The best he can do is 40 percent in West Michigan and Up North.

In the Lansing area 27 percent say he is doing a good job while 71 percent say he is not and it’s the same thing in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

There’s no question that the governor’s handling of the Flint water crisis has impacted these numbers and even though the controversy is not nearly intense as it was, the governor’s polling numbers are not going to turn around overnight, if at all.

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