On Charles Lewis Jr.: Police reports raise more questions than answers

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – 6 News has new information that involves convicted murderer Charles Lewis Jr. Lewis, who was reported missing earlier this month in September.

This was after he walked away from his group home outside Detroit and for nearly two weeks police searched for him until he was arrested in Lansing last Friday.

That’s the “official” story, but 6 News has obtained documents that paint a different picture.

Police reports from Shelby Township, Clinton Township and the Grand Ledge Police Department detail crimes allegedly committed by Charles Lewis Jr. before he was ever reported missing from his court-ordered group home.

According to the documents, the last time Charles Lewis Jr. was officially seen, was during a court hearing in Ingham County on August 9th.

The next time he surfaced was on August 14th in Shelby Township, when police reports say he was driving a truck reported stolen out of Grand Ledge.

The report says that Lewis was with another man when they were pulled over.

That man, Jermaine Lee Jackson, was talking with police outside the truck when Lewis drove off.

After that on September 4th, Lewis allegedly left his group home for his work shift at McDonalds and never came back.

But reports show Lewis took an Uber from Mt. Clemens to Lansing on September 3rd to visit his girlfriend.

It wasn’t until September 5th that a treatment specialist with the Martin Luther King group home reported Lewis missing.

6 News learned of his disappearance the following day, on the 6th, and then it wasn’t until nearly two-weeks later on September 16th, that Lewis was arrested at home in Lansing.

Now, what we found out today leaves a lot of gaps in the timeline we were given earlier this month, which raises a lot of questions. Here’s what they are:

Is Lewis monitored all the time?

What guidelines were set that give him permission to leave and come back?

Who takes him to and from his court hearings?

Why weren’t we aware back in August, that according to a Shelby Township police report, a warrant for Lewis’ arrest was requested?

6 News talked with Kassie Kretzschmar, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Holy Cross, who is a spokesperson for the group home.

Kretzschmar answered some of those questions for us. Here’s what we found out:

Kretzschmar said she was unaware of the stolen truck incident back in August.

At the time Lewis was reported missing, he was among about 14 other people living at the group home.

As far as protocol goes there, guidelines are set by a couple of people, including Ingham County Probate Judge, George Economy.

That would determine when and under what circumstances Lewis can leave the home.

According to Kretzschmar, every time Lewis leaves, he has to sign out. Every time he comes back, he has to sign in.

Every night a worker is there to check on him and the others living there.

Every time Lewis has a court date in Ingham County, a group home worker will transport him to and from the hearings.

Again, Judge George Economy has been the one laying down the law when it comes to Lewis.

6 News has called Judge Economy numerous times over the past two weeks to get more information and to find out if he’s aware of Lewis’ offenses.

Economy has not returned any of our calls.

6 News will continue to dig into this story for you. We’ll let you know when we have any new information

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