Trump campaign office opens in Lansing

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – We’re 51 days away from the November election and nearly a week away from the first presidential debate which means it’s coming down to the wire for presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to make a lasting impression in Michigan.

Here in Lansing, Republicans are revving up resources to make sure voters have what they need before the election.

The new Trump campaign office which is located on East Saginaw Street is just one of 8 offices opening this week. Several people who were there this morning for the grand opening weighed in about what the republican nominee needs to do to impress Michiganders and some say they feel he’s already off to a pretty good start.

“Making America Great Again”…its Donald Trump’s recognizable slogan and many believe he’ll do just that if he becomes the next president of the United States.

“He’s making a statement that Michigan is important,” said State Campaign Co-Chair Linda Lee Tarver.

“I think that he really has a plan to bring more jobs back to Michigan,” Volunteer Marian Sheridan stated.

The grand opening brought in dozens of Trump supporters.

“It’s very exciting, there’s so much enthusiasm in the state of Michigan for Donald Trump being elected as president and the opening of the statewide office just sets the tone for the rest of the state,” said State Co-Chair Terry Bowman.

State Campaign Co-Chair Pete Hoekstra says with the first statewide campaign office at people’s fingertips, it will help draw people to the polls in November.

“The momentum clearly is on our side and the more time that we spend talking about what his vision and what our vision is for the country and for Michigan, people are going to see that this is the kind of policies that we need to benefit and get the middle class and getting America moving forward again,” said Hoekstra.

Trump has made a handful of stops to the great lakes state this year including Flint, Detroit and even Dimondale to talk about his plans for the future.

According to the polls right now, republican nominee Donald Trump and his opponent democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are in a virtual tie…so what does Trump have to do to make a lasting impression in Michigan?

“He just has to keep driving his message and then you need to have what we’ve got going on today which is really grassroots engagement,” said Hoekstra.

Only time will tell if Trump will leave a lasting impression on our state.

Meanwhile, on the democratic side, the party’s “weekend of action” voter registration event kicks off Sunday, September 18th at the Breslin Center on MSU’s campus at 5:30pm.

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