Skubick: Poll shows presidential race could go down to the wire in Michigan

(AP photos)
(AP photos)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The race for the White House is coming down to the wire and we’re here for you with new and exclusive poll numbers that show which way the race could go in our state.

It’s been a wild ride for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton over the past few weeks and new poll numbers here in Michigan are following suit.

There’s been a dramatic turnaround in the polling data the last time we asked “why are you voting for Hillary Clinton?” the majority of voters said we’re voting for her because we don’t like him and vice versa and now it’s completely flipped.

59 percent now say they are voting for her with 34 percent against him.

Regarding Mr. Trump 60 percent are voting for him and 31 percent against her.

The question was “Why are you voting for either candidate?” and, for Ms. Clinton, 16 percent cite experience, 5 percent say she is most qualified and 5 percent say she is pro-middle class.

Regarding Mr. Trump 13 percent like the fact that he’s a non-politician, 8 percent are voting for change and 6 percent agree with him on the issues.

On creating jobs, probably one of the most important issues in the campaign Trump beats her 46 to 38.

On foreign policy she beats him 53 to 35.

On the honesty issue, Trump 37 Clinton 30; sharing values Clinton 40 Trump 37 and “cares about people like me” Hillary Clinton wins 42 to 35.

Clearly the race is getting closer.

The dynamics are changing and it’s not over yet.

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