Michigan House holds fate of letting dog owners bring pets to restaurants

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – The Michigan Senate passed a bill today that could allow pet owners to bring their dogs with them in outdoor areas of restaurants.

Imagine sitting at a local eatery waiting for food and drink when suddenly you’re joined by a furry friend.

“Well, we get requests for it all the time and we would actually love to allow dogs out here as long as it’s the owners responsibility and not a liability in any way for us,” said Hopcat Manager Faith Laurion.

If the bill passes, it would not be mandatory to let dogs on restaurant patios. The animals would have to be leashed, and they would not be allowed in the building. Being clean is a big key to this bill.

Laurion said, “probably have to block off the area and bleach everything in the area that was soiled.”

Even if there is extra work involved, restaurants seem to be prepared.

Crunchy’s Owner Michael Kruger said, “most dog owners that would bring their dogs onto a patio do so knowing they have control of their animals, or we’re going to expect it or require it obviously.”

Laurion said, “you would just kind of hope and trust that the customers wouldn’t go to the bathroom on the patio. If it became a problem you know, then we would probably have to re-asses whether or not we would want it to happen.”

Although some restaurant professionals are on board, the customers are part of this as well.

Michigan resident Kasey Roe said, “I can also see where people don’t agree with it because it is kind of disturbing if you are eating and there’s a dog staring at you, so I can see both sides of it. But, I agree with it.”

The bill cleared the Michigan senate today and now moves to the house for discussion.


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