Skubick: Summer recess ends, Michigan lawmakers return

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Michigan lawmakers will be back at the Capitol next week following their summer recess.

Michigan Senators return to town on Tuesday and will work 6 days this month, while Michigan Representatives return on Wednesday and will be in town 8 days this month.

Earlier this summer the medical marijuana advocates were hoping the Senate would vote on slapping new regulations on the production and distribution of medical pot, but Senator Rick Jones says the issue will be on hold until later this year.

The insurance industry was hoping to revamp the No Fault Car Insurance law. It can’t get the votes in the House to do it, so that is on hold, too.

The Senate could vote on a new energy reform package with backers claiming Michigan is at risk of flipping the light switch and nothing will happen if action is not taken soon.

The legislature has gone back and forth on what to do about third grade reading as work on a compromise continues.

The sticky point: Should kids be held back if they can’t ready by that grade?

The governor is having a major fight with the two legislative GOP leaders.

They are extremely unhappy that the governor wants to delay the closing of schools in Detroit by three years.

The governor says the law says he must wait.

Senator Arlan Meekhof and House Speaker Kevin Cotter blame the governor for getting that wrong.

There could be a showdown on that next week.

House members are eager to get back on the campaign trail and they will spend 9 days in session before the election while the Senate will work 9 as well.

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