Countdown to Kickoff – Matt Macksood

6 Sports Alex Sims has a profile on a local football star who is living his dream on the Michigan State University football team.

Matt Macksood shattered records in high school – putting up eye-popping numbers that assured his place in Lansing Catholic history years later, not much has changed.

Matt is still doing what he loves most but now on a much bigger stage.

Macksood is living a dream.

He bled green and white football since he was a little boy “it wasn’t even real football – it was just a plastic type ones Michigan State balls but I remember running around my front yard.. Playing full tackle football out there and having fun.”

But never imagined being good enough to play. “There’s always self doubt it really for you…can you explore other options…other sports…basketball was one of my favorite sports always.”

But his doubts were extinguished after his first varsity game at Lansing Catholic “I remember the first play and I think I had five touchdowns that game and that’s when I was like, wow. If I do what I keep doing it’s gonna work out fine.”

After his stand-out season in the fall of 2011 Matt could have chosen to go to any number of smaller colleges……and put up big numbers there…..but instead, chose to walk on to Michigan State, still chasing his boyhood dream.

“I was a big fish in a little pond and I wanted to be a little fish in a big pond and see what I really had in me. Ya know growing up a Michigan State fan, that’s what you dream of, being in Spartan Stadium, playing in the Green and White and the big thing for me was being a part of something bigger than myself. I’m not saying it’s been easy to be here. You’re going to have adversity. It’s going to be hard but I wouldn’t change it for a thing.”

Macksood has developed a reputation as the team funnyman whether it’s impersonations of Mark Dantonio or his offensive coordinator Dave Warner. “You sit around these coaches long enough…and everyone has tendencies,” said Macksood. “And they have the hard job of getting up there every day and having to talk to us. I’m listening more than half of the time but the other half I’m just pickup up what to make fun of them on.”

Macksood says of Coach Warner “he’s got a little twang to his voice so he always gets up there and goes … ya know you gotta be comfortable and yourself..but bottom line ‘K, bottom line, ‘K is ya gotta go out there, ‘K, who’s are play makers? Ya gotta find who are play makers are, ‘K? Just gotta be comfortable in yourself, bottom line, Michigan State football, pound Green pound White, ‘K?”

Through the laughter, sweat, blood, and tears Macksood knows he has one more season to make his mark on the MSU program and Friday night will be his last home opener. “I don’t know how I could have a better college experience…this is all I know..and I don’t really want to know anything else. I think Michigan State is the best college there is out there. I’ve never seconded-guessed my decision to come here at all.”

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