Mosquitos swarm in Michigan and end is far from sight

(WLNS) –  Dry conditions have kept them away all summer, but with recent rainfall, mosquitos are hatching and bugging people and pets across Michigan in the home stretch of summer.

It’s the one part of summer everyone agrees on.

“No one likes to feed dozens of mosquitos when they go outside,” Michigan State University Entomologist Howard Russell said.

But this year, Russell says, we saw a late peak season because of lack of rain, until the last two weeks of showers.

“With that amount of water all at once, it fills up those low lying areas with water and that’s the kind of habitat that mosquitos like,” Russell said.

Russell says, we are just in the beginning stages of biting season.

“They aren’t really going to die off until we get heavy frost,” Russell said.

To protect yourself, Michael Hoover with Mosquito Squad says spraying your yard, avoiding outside activities at dusk and eliminating water, will suck up the fun for mosquitos.

“You got to really be diligent about trying to maintain and get rid of the water sources,” Hoover said.

The squad is known for saving summer.

“Some kids were calling us super heroes,” Hoover said.

Pets also need protection from the pest.

“Make sure they’re in heart worm preventative medicine,” Russell said.

Heart worm is carried through mosquitos and can cause blood clots and sever heart problems in dogs, and with this increase in the amount of mosquitos, these experts say protection is vital until peak season ends around October.

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