Skubick: State M-STEP scores are good news, bad news

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The test scores for Michigan students are better than they were last year but the vast majority of students are not meeting the proficiency standards set by the state.

The test results from last May are now in the hands of educators and parents around the state as these Department of Education officials are pleased with the quick turnaround.

Two-thirds of the students did score higher this year than last year the scores were still below in most cases 50 percent.

In fact there was only one grade, the fifth grade, where the students achieved 50 percent proficiency.

But the department is not willing to say these students flunked the test.

“These tests aren’t designed to determine if a student has passed or failed but rather to provide diagnostic information to parents and teachers and school on where students are doing well,” said deputy superintendent Venessa Keesler. “And where they’re doing poorly.”

Rep. Tom Cochran of Mason thinks, however that most parents will put these scores in terms of did my child pass or fail. “Exactly, I mean they look at the scores they see what the numbers are and they see that many of the children aren’t passing,” said Rep. Cochran. He adds even with improving test results “I think it’s a long ways to go.”

There was bad news on the third grade level, which is a key to a student’s academic growth.

The largest declines were in their score in math and reading.

On the university front 11th graders took the SAT exam and 60 percent were college-ready when it comes to reading and writing but 37 percent were ready for college math.

The state also reports the students spent 8 hours less taking the test this year than last.

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