Aaron Dimick – Jackson Bureau reporter

  • Five words/phrases that describe me: Super smile, genuine, friendly, funny, big hair
  • Hometown: Marysville, Michigan, where I could see Canada from my bedroom window!
  • Other places I’ve lived: Detroit, Hamtramck, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Kalamazoo.
  • I graduated from: Wayne State University
  • I’ve been doing what I do for: 5 years
  • Most interesting assignment: Jazzercising on live TV
  • I have a knack for: Knowing when it’s going to rain. Pressure sensitivity is my super power!
  • I’m passionate about: Preserving American automotive history by taking pictures of ordinary, daily driver cars of yesteryear and posting them on Instagram.
  • I can’t stop talking about: Whatever subject I am fascinated/obsessed with at the moment.
  • When I’m not reporting, I’m: Making short films with my friends, going on road trips, exercising, spending time in nature, listening to the B-52s.
  • Other places you may have seen me: The YMCA swimming laps, or on a local trail running.
  • Favorite place in mid-Michigan: Cascades Park in Jackson. Especially the ice cream parlor!
  • What I love most about mid-Michigan: Lots of great places to explore.
  • Three Fun facts about myself: The majority of my neck ties you’ll see on air were discovered at local thrift stores. I am on a mission with my brothers and cousins to see every major league baseball park in the U.S. We’re half way there! I collect old movie cameras and projectors.

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