Erik Kostrzewa – Meteorologist

1. Five words/phrases that describe me: Passionate, Driven, Sports Lover, Music Fanatic, Severe Weather Connoisseur.
2. Hometown: Novi, Michigan.
3. Other places I’ve lived: I have lived in East Lansing for one year and Ann Arbor for three years.
4. I graduated from: I graduated from the University of Michigan.
5. I’ve been doing what I do for: I have had a passion for weather basically my whole life, well as long as I can remember, but this is my first, full-time Meteorology related position.
6. Most interesting assignment: I have never been on an assignment before, but I did go tornado chasing for a month last summer, and would have loved to have reported on it while I was there.
7. I have a knack for: I have a knack for playing any type of sport.
8. I’m passionate about: I am passionate about everything involved in the field of Meteorology.
9. I can’t stop talking about: I can’t stop talking about anything related to the weather, or anything related to the University of Michigan (especially football).
10. When I am not forecasting: I am listening to music, playing sports, visiting new places around town. One day I hope I can add making music to that list.
11. Other places you may have seen me: I was a meteorologist for WOLV-TV, which is the university run news station at UofM. I have also interned at WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan and WJRT in Flint, Michigan. This is my first live, on-air position.
12. Favorite place in mid-Michigan: I have not visited Mid-Michigan too much, but East Lansing is always a favorite. Not too far north of here, my family has a cottage in Houghton Lake, Michigan. It is always an exciting time to go and visit there during the summer.
13. What I love most about Mid-Michigan: The beautiful scenery throughout. It is also close to where most of my family currently lives, so visiting them is always an easy option.
14. Three Fun facts about myself: Surprisingly enough, I used to be terrified of weather when I was really young, especially storms. I learned Mandarin as my language requirement in High School. I have almost been struck by lightning.

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