Protecting yourself against pesky mosquitoes

LAINGSBURG, Mich. (WLNS) – There are a couple of things that could come to mind when you think of mosquitos…Zika, West Nile and those itchy mosquito bites and with the weather hot and humid one day and rainy the next, officials who work at state parks in Michigan say they’re paying close attention to the insects.

Although summer is coming to an end, mosquitoes are still a bother for campers at Sleepy Hollow state park. In fact, health officials and park rangers tell 6 News that protecting yourself from those nasty bites is extremely important.

“Yeah we have noticed an increase in it,” said Sleepy Hollow state park ranger McKenna Kissee.

Kissee says mosquitoes are a constant concern especially at Sleepy Hollow state park.

“Before when it was super-hot, we noticed quite a few of them…campers were complaining about it,” said Kissee.

She says every weekend the park gets numerous complaints about these pesky insects with many people expressing concern about disease like Zika and even West Nile virus.

“Obviously some of them have the diseases that have been going around and they just don’t want to be bugged by them,” Kissee said.

According to Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail, mosquito diseases like Zika and West Nile are uncommon in Michigan.

“It’s very rare to get a serious illness from the mosquito bite,” Vail stated.

But she says people should always protect themselves just to be safe.

“Just like all of the other diseases that can be carried by mosquitoes, you should be protecting yourself against a mosquito bite,” said Vail.

“Definitely keep tons of bug spray with you and try to keep your tents zipped up as much as you can,” said Kissee.

“Wearing long sleeves, long pants that sort of thing is effective,” Vail stated.

Vail even recommends using mosquito repellant spray that has deet or picaridin in them.

“Protecting yourself from a bite of a mosquito is important,” said Vail.

The end of summer is near and luckily these vicious insects will soon disappear.

“We’re at the part now where the weather’s going to get cold anytime and mosquito season will end quickly,” said Vail.

Kissee says trails, beaches and even camp sites are the most common places mosquitoes linger at Sleepy Hollow state park and she recommends taking proper precautions at all times.

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