Skubick: House Dems call on House Repubs to reopen Flint water probe; get Snyder testimony

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Democrats are calling on House Republicans to re-open the legislative investigation into the Flint water crisis so that Gov. Rick Snyder can testify as to what he knew and when he knew it.

This is part of the Democratic strategy to win back control of the Michigan House.

The Democrats want to re-open the legislative hearings into the Flint water crisis because Gov. Rick Snyder never testified.

Traveling around the state today the state Democratic party chair accused the legislative Republicans of shielding the governor.

“They should stop shielding the governor and get the answers that the people of Michigan deserve,” insists Michigan Democratic Party chair Brandon Dillon.

The Democrats found Flint resident Karen Larsen who joined in the chorus of criticism. “The Republican legislature has made no attempt to force Governor Snyder to testify under oath,” claims Larsen. “Why have they stonedwalled the applying of the Freedom of Information act to the Governor’s office?”

The Republican chair of the legislative panel say his study was not an investigation into any wrongdoing by the governor or anybody else and the attorney general has said his probe will include the governor.

The Democrats also complain the governor should not be using state tax dollars to pay for his criminal defense attorneys.

Democratic House leader Rep. tim Greimel says “we called time and time again. We’ve offered amendments to prevent that budget from being used to fund that attorney and the House Republicans said they are okay with taxpayers funding the attorney. The criminal defense attorney for Rick Synder. That’s wrong!”

The governor’s office says it is legal for the governor to use tax dollars to pay for his lawyers although the Democratic Party chair says it is questionable.

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