Skubick: Dems recycle classic political ad theme to target Trump

(WLNS) – Democrats are revisiting a campaign theme that they used over 50 years ago to defeat a Republican candidate for president.

The Democrats hope it will work again. This time on Donald Trump.

The year was 1964. Democrat Lyndon Johnson was running against Republican Barry Goldwater for president and the Democrats used a child and the atom bomb to question Mr. Goldwater’s temperment in the Oval Office.

As the child counts and removes petals from a daisy a male voice is heard counting down to a nuclear blast.

And then Mr. Johnson warns “these are the stakes to make a world in witch all of God’s children can live.” The ad played one time on television.

Fast forward some fifty years.

Candidate Hillary Clinton again raises the bomb question. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons,” said Clinton during a speech.

And the Democrats feature little children, one more time. This time they appear to be watching politicians on television.

Trump supporters are not worried about Mr. Trump’s temperament.

When asked for his reaction to the image of Mr. Trumps finger on the button, former west Michigan congressman Peter Hoekstra paused and said “yeah.” He explained his pause with “putting a finger on the button is kind of, it’s not going to be an individual decision.”

But Hoekstra is unwavering in his views on Trump’s temperament. “If I didn’t think he had the temperament to deal with the button and those kind of issues, I would not be supporting him.”

The Democratic bomb and children strategy worked on Mr. Goldwater. He lost.

Will history repeat itself this time?

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