Libertarian party seeing growing interest in current campaign cycle

(WLNS) – Most campaign coverage is focusing on the Democratic and Republican parties but the voices of third parties are still yet to be heard.

“Trump or Clinton?” is the question most often asked when considering the 2016 President, but Libertarian party members answer “Neither”.

“Those two parties don’t represent a significant number of people in the country,” Michigan Libertarian Party Chair Bill Gelineau said.

Since its creation in the 1970s, the Libertarian party campaigns as socially tolerant, and fiscally responsible, a combination local Libertarian and House of Representatives candidate Rob Powell of Lansing says is one Americans never see.

“A lot of people align with libertarianism, they’re just so used to the two side of the same coin,” Powell said.

This year in particular gives the third party a better shot than years past.

“They have a good cast of nominees and they’re facing two major party nominees that the least popular in memory,” Michigan State Political Science Professor Matt Grossman said.

The nominees for Libertarian ticket are former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, a combination of political experience never seen before for a third party.

“I think you are going to see some amazing things out of the Johnson/Weld campaign this year, something that no third party has ever seen,” Gelineau said.

Despite this election cycle giving a boost to Libertarians, Grossman says the way the government and party system is set up in America makes it near to impossible for a third party to take the White House, unless it over takes one of the major parties.

“It really is an uphill battle, I think its usually a protest vote,” Grossman said.

Johnson would have to get 15 percent of the vote nationally in order to participate in debates with Clinton and Trump.

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