Skubick: Poll finds Trump leads Clinton in mid-Michigan

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton in Mid-Michigan by 7 points.

But the presumptive Republican nominee continues to have problems with some key voting groups including women and African-Americans.

Donald Trump’s critics contend he has offended just about very voting block you can imagine and so after his dramatic entrance to the convention last night, he turned things over to his spouse who proceeded to list many of them.

Mrs. Trump contends her husband will represent all of the people, not just some of the people. “That includes Christians, and Jews, Muslims, it includes Hispanic and African Americans, Asians and the poor and the middle class,” said Melania Trump in her speech last night.

If the latest survey data is correct from Marketing Resource Groups, Mr. Trump has some challenges with some of those voting blocks.

  • He gets 4% of the African-American vote.
  • 20% of the Hispanic vote.
  • He leads with white voters over Hillary Clinton by 7 points.

However Mr. Trump’s gender gap with women continues as he gets 57% of the GOP female vote, 22% of the over all female vote and 17% of the independent women’s vote.

“He needs to narrow that gender gap,” says MRG pollster Tom Shields. “Hillary has it with men, Trump’s is worse with women. He needs to do something especially at the convention to bring women back into the fold.”

In the mid-Michigan area Mr. Trump holds a seven point lead 27 percent – 20 percent.

But he loses the 18-64 year old vote to Ms. Clinton while he carries those over 65 by a 7 point margin.

In the overall MRG survey he wins the independent voter by four points but she beats him in the head to head 34 percent – 29 percent.

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