City moving forward to clean up Life O’ Riley Mobile Park

(WLNS) – The battle over the Life O’ Riley mobile home park, which has been abandoned for 2 years now continues, but the City of Lansing now has the green light to step in after fighting for an injunctive order for months.

Between trash littering the area, un-mowed grass and the possibility of people using the land illegally, the 14 acres of the abandoned Life O’ Riley mobile park have caused nothing but headaches for the city and neighbors who see the area every day.

Now, the city is just days, if not hours away from getting the go ahead to clean the entire area, improving the safety, and giving the neighbors some long awaited relief.

“It’s been sitting here for 2 years, you would think something should have happened by now or something should be happening as we speak,” homeowner across from Life o” Riley Aaron Lee said.

Lee lives just feet from the mobile park, and after spending 2 years of seeing the eye sore, and raising 2 kids across from the property, he says he is ready for the mystery of the parks future to be solved.

“You just don’t know what is out there and over there,” Lee said.

The reason behind this long wait for some relief comes from taws concerning trailer parks in the state.

“Mobile home parks have a unique place in Michigan law and in land use, they are statutorily protected,” Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero said.

Those laws also give the owner, in this case, William Whelan, the power to right any wrongs.

“The property owner always has the ability to make things right but the track record doesn’t speak to that, doesn’t speak to those things being made right,” Director of  Lansing Planning and Neighborhood Development Bob Johnson said.

Now that the city has received injunctive relief in order to go onto the land with a warrant, mow the lawn and dispose of anything not claimed, the next step is for the city to decide if they want to take control of the property, absolving the owner of all costs.

“Before we take ownership, before we agree, we have to really balance everything,” Mayor Bernero said.

If the city does decide taking over the land is for the best, Mayor Bernero says he hopes to get input from neighbors on what will be done with the area.

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