Michigan reactions to Trump choice

(WLNS) – Reactions to Donald Trump’s selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate are mixed along political lines in Michigan.

Democrat U.S. Senator Gary Peters: “In picking Mike Pence, Donald Trump chose a divisive running mate that is just like him: someone who helps wealthy special interests at the expense of working families. Mike Pence voted to let the auto industry go bankrupt, opposes raising the minimum wage, and has promised to cut taxes for those at the top. Working families in Michigan need more jobs and higher wages — they can’t afford the dangerous policies of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.”

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel: “I’d like to sincerely congratulate Governor Pence on being selected to join this outstanding ticket. The experience Pence brings to the table cannot be understated. He has been a proven leader in every role he’s taken on, and will prove to be an asset for the Trump campaign. This is going to be a formidable ticket that brings strong leadership and provides a sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton’s plans for more of the same failed policies. With the selection of Governor Pence, I feel even more confident that we’ll turn Michigan red in November.”

Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon: “If there was any doubt Donald Trump had the anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-worker vote locked up, choosing Mike Pence as his running mate, the most extreme VP pick in a generation, put those fears to rest. Mike Pence was essentially the Donald Trump of American politics before Donald Trump decided to bully and insult his way onto the scene. As governor of Indiana, Pence alienated businesses, divided communities, and embarrassed his entire state by spearheading and signing into law divisive and discriminatory legislation that targets LGBT rights and women’s healthcare. Pence also wants to cut wages for American workers and opposes raising the minimum wage, yet promises to give even further tax cuts to benefit his richest donors.”

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