Businesses feeling effects of abnormally dry weather

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – Dry weather has been a theme in Mid-Michigan. Now, it may be starting to affect certain businesses. Lawn care companies are seeing more than just the grass drying up. Their profits are withering right along with it.

Scott Johnson from Scott’s Lawn and Snow has been taking care of Jackson’s lawns for 27 years. He hasn’t seen a dry stretch quite like this.

“Not, this early. I can’t remember,” said Johnson.

A life-long Jackson resident is close to performing a rain dance.

“I hope some rain. That would be nice. For people that have automatic sprinklers but for people that don’t . . . water is high in the city,” said Jackson resident Helen Bulinski.

Johnson is getting on his mower daily, but knows that if the lack of rain keeps up he may have to cut back.

“I’ve been skipping three to four lawns a week from my normal schedule. If this continues obviously it’s going to get worse and I’ll be skipping probably ten to twenty percent. Not a lot of rain on the horizon,” said Johnson.

So, even though not a lot of rain has fallen and your grass may be looking a bit dry there are ways to keep your lawn healthier during this dry weather.

“They can measure their blade, from the bottom of the blade to the ground with a tape measure and they need to keep that height at least three inches. You know, preferably three and a half, and then water it if they can,” explained Johnson.

So, businesses and people are hoping nature springs a leak soon to turn dry crunchy grass, into lush green grass.

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