Traffic stop video sparks bill to hold law enforcement accountable

(WLNS) – A video taken by a man pulled over for a broken tail light, sparked Grand Ledge Senator Rick Jones to create a bill, holding law enforcement more accountable when leaving, or being fired from, an agency.

The video captures former Eaton County Deputy Greg Brown giving the driver, Todd Brenizer, a citation, followed by what Brenizer calls an “improper and abusive” arrest.

“It’s shocking that this could happen in our community,” Republican Senator Jones said.

Senator Jones says he can’t believe that following the video, Brown simply resigned, reapplied at a new agency, and was hired.

“The deputy should have been fired by the Sheriff,” Jones said.

The new bill would require law enforcement agencies to maintain all reasons for resignation from a department for the next department where they apply, to review before hiring.

“We must hold bad cops accountable,” Jones said.

“If you hire the wrong people, it’s going to cost you a lot more money than if you fire the wrong people,” Michigan Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Terrence Jungel said.

This full disclosure is to help law enforcement and the public be confident in the people serving the community.

“Anytime that we can have information that one agency can garner from another agency about the employment history is good,” MCOELS Executive Director David Harvey said.

When it comes to law enforcement, Jungel believes there is one main issue this bill will help combat.

“I think the key to all of this is transparency,” Jungel said.

6 news reached out to Lenawee Sheriff’s Department for the Sheriff and Brown about the video and the new bill, but they declined to give a comment.

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