Progress on Lansing Marijuana Ordinance stalls, City Officials consider closing dispensaries

LANSING, Mich.(WLNS) – It’s back to the drawing board for the Lansing City Officials as the interim city attorney calls the city’s controversial medical marijuana ordinance ‘null and void.’

On Friday, The Committee on Public Safety met to review a new draft of the Medical Marijuana Ordinance. But instead members of Lansing City Council got a rude awakening when Interim City Attorney Joe Abood announced progress will be delayed calling the current draft ineffective and unenforceable.

“We want at the end of the day an ordinance that is enforceable. Drafting an ordinance going through this process and not having it be meaningful is the worst case scenario,” said Interim City Attorney Joe Abood.

Friday 6 News spoke to Interim City Attorney Joe Abood who says due to recent appellate court rulings pertaining to dispensaries, the current ordinance is not in line with state law and needs to be reworked. .

“The immunities of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act I do not believe will allow us given the recent case law to enforce some of these regulations and if we can’t enforce them it’s not meaningful,” said Abood.

Instead of moving forward on the issue like the Lansing City Council had hoped, Council Member Adam Hussain believes the city has now taken two steps backwards following Abood’s announcement.

“It feels like, I gotta be honest with you a lack of sincerity potentially from the administration and it feels like they’re biding time and it’s frustrating because we are not able to do the job we are charged with doing,” said Hussain.

Right now it’s unclear exactly how many dispensaries are operating in the city but officials believe there are at least 60 currently open. It’s a number some residents say is one too many.

“We’re talking about something that’s illegal that we shouldn’t have anyway. So why are we trying to get an ordinance? the simple thing is to shut every single one of them down.”

The City Attorney’s Office has until July 8th to present a third draft to Lansing City Council.

If they fail to do so, Council Member Carol Wood tells 6 News they’re prepared to move forward and ask the city to close dispensaries across Lansing for good.

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