Six pieces of stolen artwork from East Lansing Art Festival found

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Last weekend the East Lansing art festival took over the streets of downtown but unfortunately, things went downhill when 11 pieces of artwork were stolen from various vendors.

Luckily, the East Lansing Police Department tells 6 News that they are one step closer to solving this artwork mystery.

From paintings, to photography…the East Lansing art festival draws big crowds…but perhaps, a bit too close.

“We had three different vendors report that they had pieces of art stolen Saturday night/Sunday morning during the art festivals,” East Lansing Police Department Lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth said.

When word broke, the police department began investigating and got a head start when footage from a surveillance video led them in the right direction.

“In that video we actually saw some suspects getting into these tents,” Wriggelsworth stated.

Lieutenant says the video even showed the area the suspects headed which is when police took action.

“Good old fashion police work…knocking on doors, making calls, questioning people,” said Wriggelsworth.

The ELPD started connecting the dots and luckily found 6 of the 11 pieces of art that were stolen.

“We were able to recover some of these pieces actually at some homes here in East Lansing,” Wriggelsworth said.

He feels this act was just a small group of young adults (police wouldn’t be more specific) making poor decisions and doesn’t want this to deter people from coming to the art festival in the future.

“I don’t want people to think out there that we had this international ring of art thieves in town for our art festival, it wasn’t that at all,” Wriggelsworth stated.

No suspects have been arrested but the ELPD is continuing this investigation with hopes of submitting criminal charges next week.

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