BWL peregrine chicks pass checkups with flying colors

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – They sound healthy and look healthy and today is the day when the Peregrine Falcon chicks are checked to make sure they are healthy.

The four chicks were born between May 1st and 3rd.

Today they were brought down from their nest to be checked out and given names.

BWL worker Dina Maneval says the peregrines have been missing east of the Mississippi river since the 1970’s. They are still on the endangered list here in Michigan but with help they hope the falcons will fly back to the Great Lakes State.

“Here in the last 10-15 years we’re trying to bring them back here to this side of the country with nesting activity and helping them create the safety with a nesting box that we’ve made,” Maneval said.

Along with officials and veterinarians from the Michigan DNR, MSU and Potter Park Zoo the chicks had blood drawn, checked for diseases, bands placed around their legs to track and see where they end up and once weighed, the chicks were given names.

Luke and Bolt are the males and two females are named Diamond and Reo.

The birds will stay in Lansing about a month learning how to fly and hunt and then they will fly out on their own, leaving Mom and Dad behind.

“They will migrate probably August, September, October and then they will never come back to our nest,” Maneval said.

Maneval says BWL has had a nest at Eckert since 2004 but some years no chicks were born because the eggs were infertile.

Having 4 healthy baby falcons is a good Spring season that workers at Eckert are happy to see.

“For the employees to come in and understand it more, it’s very cool,” Maneval said.

Once the chicks were given the “OK” they were taken back to the nest to enjoy the birds life.

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