Potential raise in Jackson water and sewer rates

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – It’s no secret that many in Jackson are trying to revitalize the town. And at a meeting Tuesday night, city council members will discuss raising water and sewer rates.

An average homeowner can expect to see their water rates increase from $6.62 to $9.93 the first year, followed by those same amounts the following year. Their respective sewer rates would increase from $1.57 to $2.36 the first year to the same increase the following year, 2017-2018.

The proposed increase would upgrade parts of the wastewater treatment plant, which in turn would improve the water quality.

“What’s going on in Flint, we capture everything. We’ve been removing pipes as we’ve been going through the city and doing road reconstruction. We’ve also been changing out all the water pipes so we’ve been getting getting them up to standard,” said Dancy.

Council members understand the concern some Jackson residents may have paying for water and sewer.

Dancy said, “those (are) citizens who have a hard time paying their bills, but also the safety of the water making sure everything is good. So, yeah that is a concern. That is something we are still talking about.

But, it may be a necessity.

City of Jackson Public Information Officer Will Forgrave said, “I understand that any increase isn’t going to be welcomed necessarily but I think it would be more un-welcomed to put it that way as if you flush your toilet or turn on your faucet and it didn’t work.”

Even though the increase stands at 10-percent, that number is not solid and could change after council votes on the issue.

Some Jackson city business owners feel the 10-percent increase would be too much. Council members say they will take that concern into account as well.

WLNS-TV has made a correction to this story to reflect the water increase rates. Our original story read: “Ward 2 Jackson Council Member Freddie Dancy said, “(it’s a) proposed 10-percent rate increase this year and then an additional 10 percent the following year which would be an additional 20-percent; so it would go up about $20 a month on average, and $120 a year this following year and then $240 the following year (after that).”

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