Easy ways to prepare for flying and getting through security

(WLNS) – The TSA has been in the spotlight recently fro delays, but the Capitol Region International Airport offers a way for flyers to get through security faster.

More than 300 people per day go through the Capitol Region International Airport, and even though it isn’t the busiest airport, there are ways to avoid the hassle and time it takes to get through security.

“It’s great if you know what the routine is,” Frequent Lansing flyer Donna Bouwkamp said.

Bouwkamp flies out of Lansing frequently and she says her own special way of packing makes the process more efficient.

“Make sure your clothes are rolled up so you can get more space in there, put a little bit more shoes in your carry on, cause we were just one pound under limit for the underneath, and we just pack smart,” Bouwkamp said.

FlyLansing Travel Manager Liz Andrews agrees, saying its all in the preparation.

“If you know what you’re doing it makes it easier and you don’t have to go through the long lines,” Andrews said.

Reminders for packing are to you are only allowed 3 ounce of liquid in 3 ounce bottles, all in a quart plastic bag. Make sure to keep that and any laptops or electronics somewhere easy to reach, and remember no guns, knives or anything sharp, is allowed through security.

When packing smart is not enough, there is also pre-check as an option.

“I decided to apply for the pre-check, got that, and its made life a lot easier,” DART Engineer and Frequent flyer Peter Hudy said.

Hudy says using pre-check means being able to keep his shoes and jacket on, meaning less hassle and less time.

“It is worth your time and it saves you time,” Hudy said.

Another thing to keep in mind is to wear easy shoes to slip off and avoid wearing a belt or anything that you have to have go through security. Although there is more of a draw for people to go to smaller regional airports, Andrews says the wait should still only be around 30 minutes maximum in the security lines.

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