6 News Coaster Correspondent Jim Geyer meets a southern “Storm Chaser”

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (WLNS) – Some “stormy weather” is brewing down south and it could be headed our way.

But hold on. Our meteorologist Jim Geyer went looking for a southern storm chaser.

“Well, I’ve finally made it to Kentucky, now it’s time to meet up with that storm chaser,” says StormTracker 6 meteorologist Jim Geyer. “Okay, so I’m supposed to meet up with my storm chaser, oh yeah, here we go and oh did I mention it’s the Storm Chaser roller coaster?”

Tiffany Koerner enjoyed her ride. “The best part about it is when you go down the hill and it flips upside down and then going up the hill and it like really gets in your stomach, it tickles your belly.”

“It was like going down and I didn’t know it was, I knew it was gonna twist and I like it,” adds rider Katie Hyer.

“It’s a very unique experience,” says Kentucky Kingdom director of operations Lesly Birkner. “First of all the country’s only barrel roll drop. That was the first drop you hit that was a hundred feet that did a barrel roll as you went, as you descended the hundred feet, thirteen air time features, two inversions and two over banks ends with what you’ll see right around here which is the fear helix before coming back into the station.”

Harley Coghill enjoyed the ride. “Going down the, the first hill when you go upside down is really cool and it goes upside down again like two more times it’s really very fun.”

So did Jasmine Hyers. “It was pretty fun, my sister was freaking out and she, she was screaming this is awesome and she wants to do it again.”

Coaster enthusiasts will know RMC, that’s Rocky Mountain Constructions, built this coaster and they’ve won several awards in the industry.

They’ve got their eye on this coaster because as the President of RMC said when he rode it, this is the best one yet.

And for those who are looking for a good storm this just might be the place.

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