Lansing hosts Michigan’s largest ukulele festival

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – When you think of music festivals it wouldn’t be hard to let your mind wander to big rock bands or maybe hip hop artists.

On Friday in downtown Lansing it wasn’t about the glitz or the glam. Instead it was all about the ukulele.

That’s because Friday was Mighty Uke Day, which marks the state’s largest ukulele festival.

Our Assistant Chief Photographer Corey Petee strummed through the festival Friday afternoon and shows us some of the wonderful sights and sounds.

“What are you guys doing here?”

(Singing) “You are my sunshine my only sunshine.”

“Oh my gosh this is just so exciting and the most exciting part is seeing all these amazing people around here just fantastic friends, new friends, people on the streets that get interested in playing the ukulele just listening, this is a blast, so much fun,” said Shari Krishnan, ukulele player.

(Singing) “Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

“It’s fun and it just makes you want to smile. And also there’s, when you go to strums, you can meet more people who have more experience and learn from them,” said Amelia and Alison Chen, ukulele players.

(Singing) “If you will only say.”

“You might think you can’t, but you can. It’s really, really simple. A lot of people think they just don’t have that musical ability, but once you pick up a ukulele and just learn a couple of chords and strums, you know, you’re very quickly playing some stuff and making it sound like something,” said John French, ukulele player.

(Singing) “Come, let your problems surround you and there are movie shows, where? Downtown.”

“I think it’s pretty cool what they’re doing, pretty talented. I really liked the Spider Man song, that was funny.”

(Singing) “Spider-Man friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

“The ukuleles bring us together but together we make the music.”

(Singing) “Michigan was made for you and me.” (strumming) (singing) “Yeah, alright.”

For more information, visit Mighty Uke Day.

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