City of Lansing putting the heat on Life O’Riley: “It hasn’t improved”

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Taking the life out of a closed down mobile home park in Lansing. Mayor Virg Bernero has called on the state to hold the owners of Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park accountable.

Deplorable living conditions, broken pipes, and raw sewage in the streets.

Those were just some of the reasons Life O’Riley shut-down two years ago.

Monday night, 6 News learned that the city is working with the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality and the Ingham County Health Dept. to make better use of the park, and hold the owner’s responsible.

Boarded up windows, left over-trash and unsafe living conditions: What the Life O-Riley mobile home park in Lansing looks like now, isn’t much different than what it looked like two years ago and the property owner has 30 days to change that, or the city of Lansing, will.

“It’s been a challenging site from the beginning,” Bob Johnson, Director of Lansing’s Planning and Neighborhood Development said. “I mean in terms of the Feb. 14th event, it hasn’t improved; we’ve had to take enforcement actions.”

Since the park was forced to shut-down, Mayor Bernero said Monday that almost nothing has been done to bring it back up to code under the Consent Order the State Mobile Home Commission issued back in 2014.

Included in the long list of violations that need to be corrected are broken doors, windows, and glass, a large pile of feces, and trailers full of trash.

Violations that Johnson said still linger, after the property owner was given two years to correct them.

“Sanitary sewer issue, there’s water supply issue,” he said. “To say there’s been a sincere effort to reestablish and correct that which needs to be corrected at that site under the consent order it’s miles apart from any effort to what we’ve been dealing with.”

Johnson said about one month ago, Life O’Riley Owner, William Whelan, whose license for the property is suspended, asked the state to consider turning it into a campground.

Mayor Bernero sent a letter to the Michigan Department of Environmental quality stating he won’t support it and asked the M-DEQ not to, either.

The mayor said there are still outstanding bills tied to property, including one owed to the Lansing Board of Water and Light, worth roughly $160,000.

“The determination in terms of supporting to any requests is going to be responsible ownership,” Johnson said. “It has to be a positive track record and what we currently have in place right now. What you see out there speaks for itself.”

The property owner has until June 18th to get the park up to par with what the state asked in its consent order two years ago. If not, their license could be permanently revoked.

Bob Johnson said if you once lived on that property and still have a mobile home there, take action and work with the property owner to get it out.

6 News reached out William Whelan, who is the property owner. Whelan could not be reached for comment.

Stay with 6 News, we’ve been on top of this story since the very beginning and will continue to be until the end.

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