Flint Mayor Weaver on water filters: “I agree with President Obama”

Photo - City of Flint

FLINT, MI (WLNS) – Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says she’s pleased with President Obama’s visit Wednesday and that she agrees with him on water filters.

“I agree with President Obama that using filters is an important and necessary step to ensure the water Flint residents consume is safe while we work to replace lead-tainted pipes across Flint.  There are homes in the city that continue to show higher levels of lead than others – these homes are being prioritized for the city’s FAST Start program to have the pipes replaced as soon as possible.  Current data from federal and state agencies, as well as Virginia Tech, indicates that the NSF-certified filters are working to filter out lead even at the highest levels and therefore, residents can drink the filtered water. However, right now, to protect infants and children, it is recommended that pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 6 years of age drink bottled water.

As the effects of this man-made water disaster continue to linger, it’s important that people have their water tested, follow the directions carefully on how to put on and use the filters, replace the filter cartridge on time, and clean out the little screen – the aerator – in faucets every week.”

The mayor continues, saying the ‘Flush For Flint’ program is taking place this month. In order to participate in the program, residents are asked to “run the water in your bathtub and – after removing or turning off the filter- in your kitchen faucet at the highest level possible for five minutes each, 14 days in a row.”

There’s good news for participating in the program. Mayor Weaver says residents will receive a credit on water bills to cover the cost of running the water.

“These are important steps that we all can take to help improve our water and move the City of Flint forward,” said Mayor Weaver.

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