Dozens attend marijuana expo in Lansing

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – On Friday, dozens attended day one of the Extreme Cannquest Expo in Lansing.

While organizers say the expo is geared for those already working in marijuana-related businesses, they also say it’s an opportunity for others in the community to learn more about medical marijuana.

Education and awareness: two of the biggest takeaways at Friday’s marijuana expo.

It’s something event organizer Maria Green says is crucial when it comes to battling the stigma against medical marijuana.

“Education is the key. Once we can educate the public, we can see change happen. And that’s ultimately what I want to see,” said Green.

Changing public perception, it’s a goal reverend Jeremy Hall with the First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason says he’s completely devoted to.

“A lot of people in the community view cannabis users as basement dwelling, low lives that are unmotivated to do things and we want to let people know there are cannabis users out there that elevate the community that do nice things,” said Hall.

In fact, businesses say this weekend’s expo is beneficial to the community in more ways than one.

“We are selling a product that people need and it’s helping the people that have a problem in the community not have as many problems because we are relieving them. So we’re taking less stress from the police and the people in the community,” said Hall.

While Hall says there will be difference of opinion in the community when it comes to medical marijuana, he says education is key to narrowing that gap.

“You could come here and talk to me and any of the other people here and I could educate you and you could still have your opinion and it could still be I don’t like cannabis, but at least at that point it’s an informed decision,” said Hall.

The Extreme Cannquest and Expo runs through Sunday at the Causeway Bay Hotel.

On Monday the Lansing City Council plans to have a public hearing to vote on a moratorium on dispensaries in the Lansing area.

If approved, the new moratorium would start July 1.

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