East Lansing police crack down on fake ID’s

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It’s not a new epidemic

It’s probably been happening since you’ve been in college – fake ID’s.

Today 6 News learned that some students on campus are buying them in bulk.

But just how easy is it to get one?

“Joining Greek life, a big group of us, would um, kind of get a group of ID’s together” the student said.

A 19 year old student tells 6 News, that getting a fake ID in college is common and easy.

“It’s kind of the norm that you hear go to college, get a fake ID go to the bars with your friends” the student said.

She tells 6 News, she and her sorority sisters buy them in bulk, and the more you get the cheaper they are.

According to her, she and a group of seven people ordered scannable ID’s for just 40 dollars each, for a scannable ID on a website called “ID God”.

“The issue isn’t with the fake ID’s it’s with the drinking age” the student said.

“It’s like we are going to go drink, we’re going to go out, and whether it’s like safely at a bar or possibly dangerous at a house party, which one’s better? “ the student said.

East Lansing Officer Tim Smith told 6 News, both options are bad, and underage drinking is why police are cracking down.

“We were just responding to a tremendous amount of them downtown and so that was where the safety comes from their inexperienced and they use their licenses to get into the bar, and just drink way too much.” Officer Smith said.

Officer Smith has more than 300 fake ID’s on his desk. According to him when you bend a fake ID in half the lamination will come up.

According to Smith, East Lansing police are putting more undercover officers on the streets and near the bars.

So if you have a fake, you may want to watch out, charges can be a misdemeanor, disorderly conduct, and more.

“You know it wouldn’t look good for employment later” Officer Smith said.

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