Race for the Place: Runners talk about MSU assaults

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS)-   Hundreds of runners and walkers, participated in this years “Race for the Place”. To spread awareness about domestic violence and issues like sexual assaults.

Within the past week, we’ve reported two separate assaults that have happened on MSU’s campus.

Police are still searching for the attackers in both cases.

Unfortunately assaults happen all too often, but one MSU program provides a safe place for anyone who’s ever experienced violence or stalking.

Sunday runners and walkers, told 6 News they run to not only raise funds for MSU’s Safe Space but also to raise awareness about assaults and violence on campus.

Hundreds of runners pounded the pavement in support of MSU’s safe place, the only domestic violence shelter available on a college campus.

“I feel like this needs to be talked about… and people need to be educated more about these things” Elisa Carsten a senior at Michigan State University said.

Carsten told 6 News, with recent assaults on campus, she hopes students can become more aware of what they see and make steps to intervene.

“They don’t know how to recognize sexual assault when they see it, so it makes it really hard for… bystander intervention to happen.” Elisa Carsten said.

“My girlfriend has a daughter and I wouldn’t want anyone to mistreat her, she’s going off to college next year and it, it frightens me!” first time runner Gary Osbeck said.

“We know this happens to one out of every 5 women” Osbeck said quoting a statistic about women in college.

Osbeck told 6 News, running is a small step he can take help anyone affected.

“It’s all dependent on people caring just a little bit, and that’s why I’m doing things like this” Osbeck said.

Safe Place director Holley Rosen told 6 News she’s thankful for the hundreds of people that turned out, and hopes awareness continues to spread across campus.

“Sexual assaults being mugged, domestic violence, it all happens here too just like anywhere else the good news is MSU has programs to address those things many of them” Holley Rosen, Safe Place director said.

Of course assaults not only impact women, they happen to men as well, and if you would like more information please click on resources below.

For more information on MSU’s Safe place check out http://safeplace.msu.edu/

For sexual assault resources check out: http://endrape.msu.edu/

For sexual assault crisis intervention information check out: http://endrape.msu.edu/sexual-assault-crisis-intervention/

For domestic violence resources: http://staff.lib.msu.edu/harris23/crimjust/victim.htm

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