Eaton County residents complain over garbage-filled roads

CHARLOTTE, Mich.(WLNS)-  Eaton County residents say the amount of garbage dumped near their homes has crossed the line.

“It’s very upsetting country roads have become our dumping ground,” said Eaton County resident Darcie Cochran.

Across Eaton County, residents like Darcie Cochran are sounding off on social media, fed up over their trash-filled lots.

“It happens because people to don’t want to pay to get rid of their own trash so they bring it out on the country roads and dump it,” said Cochran.

Long time Eaton County resident Darwin Jones says he’s tired of asking for help from the county.

“I’ve been here all my life and I just give up trying,” said Jones.

By law, the Eaton County Road Commission has a duty to clear trash on county roads.

However, if the trash spills over onto a lot it’s up to the property owner to clean it up.

“I used to call but there’s no sense in calling they wont take it. if it’s off the road you’re going to do it anytime if its off the road,” said Jones.

6 News reached out to the Eaton County Road Commission to get its side of the story.

In response the commision sent us this statement saying,

“On county roads in Eaton County, the community corrections department (under the sheriff) has a crew that does spot cleanup on roadsides along with other community service type work, but that is limited to picking up spot locations, and is not general up and down the road litter clean up, and absolutely that does not include cleanup of unidentified or suspicious materials, or toxic chemicals/ hazardous waste.”

Despite that policy, county residents say they’re frustrated and more need to be done.

“I realize that it might not ever stop because there are so many people that do it but I would at least like to see them make some sort of an effort,” said Cochran.

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