Michigan Safe Delivery Law gives safe option for moms of newborns

(WLNS) – In order to help prevent cases of neglect and abuse with newborn babies, Michigan put in place the Safe Delivery Law back in 2001, giving moms 72 hours after birth to surrender their baby.

“If this law wasn’t in place, I would guess that you would probably see a lot more of neglect cases and things like that because people wouldn’t have an option when they run out of options,” Lansing Fire Department public information officer Charles Stadt said.

Stadt says these options are not only the safe route for the child, but are safe for the parent as well.

“”We will take care of the child no questions asked,” Stadt said.

The law allows for moms to surrender their baby to any person in law enforcement or at the hospital, who will then get connected with an agency to place the child in a loving home.

“Every child deserves to have a loving family and every child deserves to be safe and nurtured and have a future,” Director of Central Michigan Adoption Associates Nancy Cannon said.

Since the Safe Delivery Law passed in 2001, there have been 170 safe deliveries in the state of Michigan, which Cannon says, is a win-win for the birth mom, baby, and couples looking for a child to adopt.

“If a woman is not able to be a parent, there are lots of women who are able to be parents, and these couples have been approved to adopt, they go through a rigorous process,” Cannon said.

Anyone who is looking for help in this situation can call the hotline at 866-733-7733, or head to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website for more information.


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