Do MSU students feel safe following the latest assault on campus?

EAST LANSING (WLNS) – “I think MSU does a fairly good job of communicating with us when things do happen on campus but they’ve just been happening recently a lot more than my other two years here,”

“I usually think of East Lansing campus as a pretty safe area but we keep being proved wrong,” MSU senior Jessica Krebs said.

MSU senior Jessica Krebs says the notification this morning alerting her of an assault hit close to home.

“Considering I got the alert about it while i was actually out and it happened close to where I live and behind the building I go to class in everyday, I found that pretty scary,” Krebs said.

Police say it happened on the river trail behind IM Circle early this morning; a time-frame many say is concerning.

“During the day it’s not too bad because there’s usually a lot of people out, but at night it’s kinda scary because at least this side of the trail isn’t very well lit.”

Eliminating fear and promoting a safe environment is something students at MSU are working on for reasons like these. And that’s where the MSU student government, known as ASMSU comes into play.

“As we’re seeing events like this happen on campus and in our community, it showing more of a reason why we really need a safe ride program at Michigan State,” ASMSU President Domonique Clemons said.

“We do have the night owl, although that doesn’t start until 2 o’clock, 2 a.m., so I think that we do need maybe something between when it starts to get dark until 2 am.”

Many of the students we talked to today say they take precaution when they walk home alone at night.

“I’ll call someone or I’ll try to, I just like to be aware of my surroundings at all times.”

Emergency boxes are spread throughout campus, but ASMSU president Dominique Clemons says more needs to be done.

I think there’s a lot of safety precautions that the university has. I just feel like a lot of what we have at Michigan State is outdated,” Clemons said.

The suspect in this case is still at-large. If you have any information related to this incident or if you spot any suspicious behavior on campus, you’re asked to contact the Michigan State University Police Department at 517-355-2221.

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