MI GOP decides on Presidential convention delegates

LANSING,Mich.(WLNS)- This weekend Republicans across the state met at the GOP State Convention in Lansing to elect delegates to send to the national convention.

Below is a tentative list of the Michigan delegates and alternates selected to attend the summer convention in Cleveland.  This list will be finalized once it has been approved by the Republican National Committee.


Candidate First Name Last Name
Ted Cruz Dave Agema
Ted Cruz Justin Amash
Ted Cruz Saul Anuzis
Ted Cruz Daniel Bernard
Ted Cruz Fred Bertsch
Ted Cruz Barbara Bookout
Ted Cruz Josephine Brown
Ted Cruz Patrick Colbeck
Ted Cruz Wendy Day
Ted Cruz Karen Faett
Ted Cruz Victor Fitz
Ted Cruz Ray Franz
Ted Cruz Gary Glenn
Ted Cruz Denise Magewick-Schlotz
Ted Cruz Mary Ann Rankey
Ted Cruz John Taylor
Ted Cruz John Wolfsberger
John Kasich Kersten Bond
John Kasich Tim Brown
John Kasich Brian Calley
John Kasich Tamara Carlone
John Kasich Elisabeth DeVos
John Kasich Peter Hoekstra
John Kasich Gary Howell
John Kasich John Inhulsen
John Kasich Nancy Jenkins
John Kasich Robert Little
John Kasich Scott McGraw
John Kasich David Porteous
John Kasich Andrew Richner
John Kasich William Runco
John Kasich Judi Schwalbach
John Kasich Yavonne Whitbeck
John Kasich Chuck Yob
Donald Trump Mary Balkema
Donald Trump Kathy Berden
Donald Trump Steve Boron
Donald Trump Jack Brandenburg
Donald Trump Linda Burns Torp
Donald Trump Amy Carl
Donald Trump Susan Chmielewski
Donald Trump Glenn Frobel
Donald Trump Scott Hagerstrom
Donald Trump Matt Hall
Donald Trump Joe Hune
Donald Trump Brandt Iden
Donald Trump Rick Johnson
Donald Trump Janine Kateff
Donald Trump Meshawn Maddock
Donald Trump Debra Mantey
Donald Trump Dennis Marburger
Donald Trump Ed McBroom
Donald Trump Christopher Morris
Donald Trump Wes Nakagiri
Donald Trump Gustavo Portela
Donald Trump Ronna Romney McDaniel
Donald Trump Diane Schindlebeck
Donald Trump Ian Shetron
Donald Trump Sharon Tyler
Candidate First Name Last Name
Ted Cruz Barbara Agema
Ted Cruz Margo Aseltine
Ted Cruz Kent Boersema
Ted Cruz Page Brousseau IV
Ted Cruz Sandra Call
Ted Cruz Kevin Cotter
Ted Cruz Penny Crider
Ted Cruz Alan Cropsey
Ted Cruz Kurt Foulds
Ted Cruz Theodore Golubinski
Ted Cruz William Gordon
Ted Cruz Bonnie Landrum
Ted Cruz Kurt O’Keefe
Ted Cruz Bill Parfet
Ted Cruz Lana Theis
Ted Cruz Lisa Valerio-Nowc
John Kasich Brian Bruce Beauchine
John Kasich Chris Beckering
John Kasich Randy Bishop
John Kasich Nicholas Buggia
John Kasich Cheryl Costantino
John Kasich Thomas Llewellyn
John Kasich Arlan Meekhof
John Kasich David Nicholson
John Kasich Philip Potvin
John Kasich Doug Reimel
John Kasich Paul Scott
John Kasich Paul Segers
John Kasich Ida Shelly
John Kasich Jason Sheppard
John Kasich Amanda Van Essen Wirth
John Kasich Mary Whiteford
John Kasich Pamela Williams
Donald Trump Dean Berden
Donald Trump Scott Brew
Donald Trump Tyrell Bundy
Donald Trump Margaret Copeland
Donald Trump Paul DeYoung
Donald Trump Kevin Even
Donald Trump John Haggard
Donald Trump Jeanine Herlacher
Donald Trump Jan Johnson
Donald Trump Ruth Johnson
Donald Trump Catherine Kirk
Donald Trump Cody Maynard
Donald Trump Carl Meyers
Donald Trump Pauline Montie
Donald Trump Robert Oestreich
Donald Trump Dennis Pittman
Donald Trump Jeff Sakwa
Donald Trump Charlie Secchia
Donald Trump Marian Sheridan
Donald Trump Linda Lee Tarver
Donald Trump Ken Thompson
Donald Trump Kathleen Thorrez
Donald Trump Jack Walker


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