Michigan GOP convention opens in Lansing

LANSING, Mich (WLNS)- The March 8th Presidential Primary may be over but Campaign 2016 was back in the spotlight Friday with the Michigan Republican Convention.

The convention is where Republicans across the state meet to select delegates to represent Michigan in the national convention in July.

In fact, this weekend’s convention will be a major turning point for the Republican Party as they decide who will represent Michigan at the national convention.

Right now odds are very good that the convention will  be contested which mean’s the people who are chosen at the state convention in Lansing could make the decision that paves the road to the White House.

“For the first time in forty years there’s a strong possibility this could be headed to a contested convention,” said Republican Party Consultant Stu Sandler.

A contested Republican National Convention is when no candidate reaches the magic number of votes to win the presidential nomination potentially leaving the choice in the hands of delegates chosen at this weekend’s convention.

“If that’s the case then delegates instead of having a set form of duties they will have to have their own preference if it goes past the first ballot,” said Sandler.

A scenario of multiple ballots could raise concerns among the Trump, Cruz and Kasich campaigns.

“Candidates who receive delegates on our March 8th Primary want to make sure delegates support them on their first vote in Cleveland but if it does go to a contest convention they want to make sure those supporters will stay with them,” said Ronna Romney McDaniel with Michigan Republican Party.

That’s why Jesse Osmer with the 1st Congressional District says this wekeend’s convention is so important.

“In Michigan we are bound so when we go down there we are going to vote for specific candidates that we are elected to go down and vote for but only on the first ballot after that first ballot we are free to vote for whoever we want to it’s important to choose a delegate that is absolutely committed to that candidate,” said Osmer.

And that’s why the campaigns are investting so much time and energy in vetting the nominees and making sure they are true supporters of their party.

“They could be the difference maker as to whether their candidate gets through to the nomination of our party,” said Romney McDaniel

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – It’s a big night for politics in our state and a night that could help pave the road to the White House.

The Michigan Republican convention kicked off this afternoon in Lansing and this year’s meeting carries a lot of weight with the hotly contested GOP presidential nomination.

This weekend’s convention is a major turning point for the Republican party as party activists across the state meet to help decide a GOP presidential nominee.

Tonight the state Republican party will choose 3 delegates and 3 alternates from each of the state’s 14 Congressional districts to vote in the Republican National convention this summer in Cleveland.

Now it’s important to note, alternates vote in the national convention only if the other delegates from their districts can’t attend.

But the process could be more complicated than usual.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, Michigan Republican Party chairwoman says there will likely be plenty of debate within the Republican party about the nominees. “One of the reasons people are focusing on this convention a little bit more than usual is because candidates who receive delegates on the March 8th primary want to make sure that not only those delegates support them on the first vote in Cleveland but if it does go to a contested convention they want to make sure those supporters will stay with them through second and third and multiple ballots.”

The state convention continues tomorrow at the Lansing Center. That’s where delegates from Michigan will find out who is going to the national convention in July.

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